Yareli Perez-Reyes

Graphic designer based in Portland, OR specializing in page layout and art direction.




Type Design 

Williams is a display typeface I designed heavily influenced by the elegant yet powerful nature of tennis, especially women’s tennis. Elements such as Serena Williams’ serve inspired a lot of the angles found in this typeface.



Branding, Art Direction

Fresh is Portland State University’s senior showcase for Graphic Design students. I served as the Art Director to develop an identity system that utilized depth and movement to bring a different perspective to our newly online platform. Our social campaign celebrated the students achievements while highlighting them with elegant typography and motion graphics.

Froc Magazine

Page Layout, Editorial 

A publication that dedicates the entire magazine to a featured designer.  Different designers  are chosen quarterly that have made an impact in the fashion industry.

A Guide To Influential Women In History


An activity zine that aims to enlighten a young audience of all the astonishing women who challenged stereotypes and broke the mold. This zine takes you through different individual profiles followed by fun activities to produce an educational and entertaining experience.

Hi I am Yareli!

Graphic designer based in Portland, OR. Living moodboard specializing in page layout and art direction.


︎︎︎ yareliperezreyez@gmail.com